Briceland Forest Farm

Briceland Forest Farm grows a diverse array of cannabis, vegetables, herbs and fruit on their family farmstead nestled in the lush forest of Humboldt County’s coast range. BFF’s goal is to share wholesome food and medicine that embodies the elemental life force of our natural world with their community and beyond, while also restoring the ecosystem through loving stewardship. No-till, permaculture, and bio-intensive techniques are their foundation, but they are always learning and striving to find better ways to care for the land and people through agriculture. They were awarded the 2017 Regenerative Cannabis Farm award at the Emerald cup in recognition of their excellence in the field.


Herbanology is a small family farm dedicated to helping heal their local ecosystem while bringing high quality cannabis to their customers. They work off grid in harmony with their rustic surroundings.  Permaculture and regenerative practices are intertwined in the production of their flowers, resulting in medicine that has been grown with the utmost love and the highest standards. Herbanology adheres to the principals of "living organics", using hand crafted soils amended with natural teas, native beneficials and local nutrients to maximize microbial life. Treating their plants with deep respect and gratitude, they co-create with nature to produce some of Mendocino’s finest craft cannabis.

Moon Made Farms

Moon Made Farms has the great privilege of cultivating cannabis in Southern Humboldt county, at the heart of the Emerald Triangle.  In this gorgeous place, where living things come first, Moon Made endeavors to improve the quality of all life.  They cultivate this cannabis with love, intention, and science, in reverence for the natural forces. This plant is divine and nature is her temple. Tune in with all your senses to smell the fresh air, taste the caught rain water, and feel the full spectrum sun and moonlight.  Find balance, embrace higher highs, and fulfill your lust for life. Day dreams, night visions, regenerative farming, and renewable culture. Get down and get back up again. Onward!

New Family Farm

New Family Farm combines old school wisdom with a modern vision. The goal at New Family Farms is to provide high quality, clean, and affordable cannabis products without sacrificing either their firm commitment to strong environmental standards or their passion for social justice. IG: @newfamilyfarm

PolyKulture Cannyard

Nestled in the sun-lit Mendocino hills, PolyKulture Cannyard offers biologically farmed craft cannabis.  Through the use of regenerative horticulture, they are redefining the Art of Sungrown.  Johanna and Micah carry their passion for farming all the way from the roots, up through the soil food web, into the compost pile and on out into the world, where you will find their message and their medicine uplifting.  Cover cropping, reduced tillage, mulching and companion planting are some of the ways they keep the magic and the fertility right where they belong.  Not every path leads to the finest cannabis in the world, but if you follow in these footsteps, you'll be on the right track.

Waterdog Herb Farm

Waterdog Herb Farm is a 160 acre land stewardship homestead nestled in the rural Mendocino mountains. This empowered husband and wife team practice permaculture techniques, biodynamic methods and water harvesting in harmony with nature. Cultivating many medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables and perennials, they raise animals, too, and currently have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a horse and a pony. They drink pure mountain spring water, swim in fresh ponds and have hiking trails all over their land. Search far and wide for a farm of equal vision and integrity and you still may come up empty handed.  Better to just settle in to the good stuff right here and see what you can learn from these wisdom keepers.

Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Emerald Spirit Botanicals strive to bring you the sweetness of the earth through a rare selection of 1:1 varieties.  Together, mother and sons work with a vision to bring healing and balance to the earth and humanity, guided by the plant spirits. They ensure the highest quality medicine grown only with certified organic inputs on a naturally resilient diversified farm.  Each year, their cannabis becomes more and more acclimated to their southwest facing micro climate as they continue to breed their strains forward to bring you this 1:1 balance.  They are grateful to work closely with the earth and spirits of their place and they hope you feel the love in the medicine they bring to the world.

Seed & Star

Seed & Star grows cannabis under the sun – like they grow wine grapes. They are also dedicated to the study of water as a means to enliven and understand biodynamics. Their cannabis has a flavor and taste that reflects the “terroir” — the natural elements, like weather, soil conditions, and temperature. It’s an artisanal concept that everyone can appreciate.

Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields is an off-grid homestead farm in Mendocino County. They are second generation farmers, proudly part of a community established by their parents and fellow back-to-the-landers in the early 1970’s. They  remain committed to the land, community, and lifestyle which their elders passed along.  Inheriting seeds saved from over four decades of breeding cannabis in their specific micro-climate, they have further developed their own signature cultivars. The diversified farm is solar powered, nourished by rainwater, surrounded by wildlife and thriving oak woodlands. They produce cut flowers and vegetables, rotationally graze heritage breeds of sheep, goats and pigs, and grow unique, high quality cannabis.

HappyDay Farm

HappyDay Farm is a small, diversified family farm located in the hills of Northern Mendocino County, California. Perched 3,000 feet up, on a southwest slope, their terraced gardens produce year-round. Off-grid and solar powered, this multi-generational team have taken their motto: "Great Success" into everything they do. In addition to medicinal sungrown cannabis, this family grows produce and flowers for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and local farmers’ markets. Their unique terroir and microclimate produces small-batch, craft medicinal cannabis products from artisanal, seed-stock varietals, accentuated further by the high positive vibes they bring to their work.

High Water Farm

High Water Farm grows beautiful cannabis under the sun, the way nature intended it. They understand that regenerative cannabis is better for the plant, the environment, and people’s health. High Water Farm practices dry farming, which forgoes modern irrigation and produces much tastier crops. A true expression of terroir, tastes, and flavors of the environment are imparted into the cannabis through the local soil and watershed.