Farm Cut – fresher flower and trim

Sun+Earth Certified farms HappyDay Farms, Briceland Forest Farm, and Emerald Spirit Botanicals are collaborating to create a new type of cannabis product that could change the way Californians buy and experience legal cannabis. The product is called Farm Cut and it’s untrimmed, whole, fresh dry flower.

Here is a description from farmers Casey O’Neill and Daniel Stein:

“We started with a simple premise; we don’t trim the cannabis we grow for personal use.  It stays untrimmed until it’s time to roll a joint and then we brush off the excess leaf with our fingers and put the nugs in the grinder or bowl.  A cascade of other results came from this initial premise.  We don’t store our personal use in tiny jars that don’t have enough volume to keep the flower fresh.  We use bigger jars, and the terpenes and trichomes remain intact, so Farm Cut is offered in half-ounce (and soon to be bigger) jars.  

As farmers, we’ve been bummed about losing the direct connectivity of the [Proposition 215] farmers’ market days.  We want a model that creates more connection for the folks who purchase and consume our cannabis, building towards a “wine club” type of subscription service.  We want people to be able to access larger amounts at value prices in the same way that the consumer cooperatives used to work in the old hippie days.  

We are saddened by the general practice of machine trimming and stuffing small amounts of flower into tiny jars.  We believe in whole plant medicine, just like we believe in whole-grain food.  We would like to see greater connection to the plant, and we believe that this is a step in that direction.  The trim is useful for making edibles and topicals, and we want you to have that option.  We want the flower to remain fresh and intact until it gets to you.  The last time it was touched was by the farmers’ hands, this is Farm Cut.”