Since Sun+Earth was founded in April 2019, we have been generating news and commentary about regenerative organic agriculture in an effort to build a movement of cannabis grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and farmworkers. Explore our extensive Sun+Earth media coverage below.


As one of the smallest permitted cannabis farms in Humboldt, I'm voting no on Measure A.

Drew Martin On Cannabis, Plant Medicine, and Community

By infusing Emerald-Triangle sourced, Sun+Earth Certified organic pre-rolls with a careful selection of unexpected botanicals like fragrant rose petals, sweet chamomile, ginger, and lavender, Drew creates an exceptionally smooth and...

Women of Influence: Tina Gordon

Gordon serves on the boards of the International Cannabis Farmers Association and Sun+Earth Certified, which has developed standards and a certification process for socially and ecologically responsible cannabis.

How To Shrink Marijuana's Carbon Footprint

We asked Heather Dunbar, the Director of Marketing and Communications for the non-profit Sun+Earth Certified, some questions about the current state of marijuana's carbon footprint, and what needs to change...

Cannabeginners: CRC Technology

Unlike Clean Green, Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Sun+Earth Certified, Organically-Grown, and all the many other certifications out there for organic or sustainable cannabis, there is no certification at present to ensure...