Since Sun+Earth was founded in April 2019, we have been generating news and commentary about regenerative organic agriculture in an effort to build a movement of cannabis grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and farmworkers. Explore our extensive Sun+Earth media coverage below.

Women of Influence: Tina Gordon

Gordon serves on the boards of the International Cannabis Farmers Association and Sun+Earth Certified, which has developed standards and a certification process for socially and ecologically responsible cannabis.

How To Shrink Marijuana's Carbon Footprint

We asked Heather Dunbar, the Director of Marketing and Communications for the non-profit Sun+Earth Certified, some questions about the current state of marijuana's carbon footprint, and what needs to change...

Cannabeginners: CRC Technology

Unlike Clean Green, Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Sun+Earth Certified, Organically-Grown, and all the many other certifications out there for organic or sustainable cannabis, there is no certification at present to ensure...