Since Sun+Earth was founded in April 2019, we have been generating news and commentary about regenerative organic agriculture in an effort to build a movement of cannabis grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and farmworkers. Explore our extensive Sun+Earth media coverage below.

Sun+Earth Certified Farms Lead the Future

As Spring sets in, we wanted to share with our readers an important conversation between ourselves and the earth we live on. In this feature we’ll introduce you to a...

5 Tips For Buying Sustainable Marijuana

The Sun+Earth Certified program, created by the Northern California cannabis community in 2018, goes even further by including regenerative farming practices in its certification standards.

Dr. Bronner's Release Soap Using Cannabis Scent

This campaign will benefit the nonprofit certification program known as Sun+Earth, a company that helps CBD products get an organic certification. The goal is to make cannabis and hemp as...

Need to Know: Sun+Earth Certification

Andrew Black, executive director of Sun+Earth Certified for cannabis and hemp farms, discusses the group’s background, its extensive requirements for farms and more.

Guest View: How is your cannabis grown?

Sun+Earth has approved 32 cannabis businesses in five states since we launched on Earth Day 2019. In Oregon, we recently certified the first five cannabis businesses — East Fork Cultivars,...

Sun+Earth Certification promotes ethical cannabis

Sun+Earth might be the most rigorous and prestigious certification process available to a cannabis or hemp farmer. The collaborative effort of many technical advisors, farmers, regulation and policy experts, and...